I always knew that I wanted to work with people, bouncing ideas and being creative. I found L&D somewhat by chance, whilst working for a tech company (my first proper job at the age of 18) as a management analyst, where training and supporting new joiners became the part of the job I enjoyed the most. I decided to pursue a degree in human resources, part time, whilst working full time as a people development officer, training social workers on new data entry systems. I taught them tech skills, but they taught me life long lessons about empathy, compassion and connection. It sparked my love for researching and designing leadership content drawing in from unexpected fields.

I went on to achieve a masters degree focusing on behavioral psychology, whilst leading the regional L&D function at a prestigious global law firm. My goal being to spark creativity and new thinking by designing bespoke solutions for lawyers drawn from areas outside of legal. I worked with athletes on resilience, police hostage negotiators on negotiation skills, actors on public speaking, neuroscientists on stress management and many other fascinating individuals who all added to the vast knowledge that I have acquired over the years on topics that form part of my leadership toolkit. I have also led global collaborative projects that included the design and deployment of systems that would support remote learning, strategic goal alignment and generate competitive advantage through talent acquisition.

Since becoming a consultant, I focus on working with clients from various industries to collaborate on projects that promote new habits and mindsets required to successfully navigate change, embrace new technologies and promote happiness in the workplace. I love my work and my goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to feel the same way about what they do.

My areas of interest/workshops focus on:

  • Leading hybrid teams
  • Neuroscience for business
  • Understanding motivation
  • Behaviour and trait psychology for understanding others
  • Science of productivity and habits
  • Public speaking and virtual presentations
  • Conducting business across cultures
  • Techniques for running effective meetings (in person and virtually)


In my spare time, I volunteer my experience to charities that focus on empowering individuals and helping them achieve their career aspirations. I have designed training, workshops and worked as a mentor for organizations including Prime, Future Frontiers, Smart Works and Drive Forward. I am always open to helping charities support those in need.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like my support.

Email: leticia@leticiacorbisier.com
Mobile: +44 741 253 2069 | +32 465 083 672

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