Leticia Corbisier



Leticia is a senior leadership management consultant and head of online learning, who for the past 20 years has worked to support individuals realize their potential through initiatives that promote high performing habits and mindsets. From a diverse and multi-cultural background, Leticia has a dynamic, practical and innovative approach for leveraging cultural similarities to enable effective cross-cultural collaboration. She is Brazilian/French and has lived in Brazil, Holland, Greece, England and Belgium.

Her passion for understanding people and people dynamics in the workplace led her to pursue an MSc in Performance Management and Workplace Learning, focusing on behavioral psychology. Leticia is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and CIPD professional.

In her quest for helping others achieve work life balance, Leticia leverages her research on the Science of Productivity to help individuals and teams embrace fast paced change and learn to reconnect in a meaningful way – in person or virtually.

Leticia is also an aspirational writer, wife and mum who loves basketball, photography and interior design.

It was the best session in the entire training programme for me. Leticia’s hands on approach and her feedback with regards to our posture, voice modulation, delivery style and content while delivering the presentation were extremely useful. Her tips on overcoming the nervousness around presenting were also very helpful.” – Global Management Consulting Company

Email: leticia@leticiacorbisier.com
Mobile: +44 741 253 2069 | +32 465 083 672